Our technologies

Under the hood these are the technologies we use to keep your apps up and running. Our development team is passionate about staying ahead of the technology curve and utilizing the latest tools. We are platform agnostic, meaning that we can work with virtually any technology stack, from Angular to .NET and everything in between. When the technologies change or get updated we move along with the curve. No need to worry your applications will ever become outdated.

Angular SPA Development

Angular was become the predominate framework for SPA development. If your future web projects have a need for a RESTful APIs, test-driven development, and scalable, you’ll need the services of an expert Angular / AngularJS developer to make your site cutting edge.

Java Software Development

Codabyte offers Java Application Development, Java Web Development, Java Software Development, J2EE Application Development and other Java development services.

Microsoft Development

Microsoft ASP.NET has become the most popular technology for developing enterprise class web applications.

Android Native

Android is the first open source technology platform for mobile devices. Android platform includes an operating system, middleware, Android application development platform, and a market place for android applications.

iPhone Applications

iPhone applications are some of the best ways to connect your business to your customers. Our development team offers world-class mobile application development targeting the iPhone IOS. We custimize to your every need.