Seed 2 Sale Integration

What is seed to sale?

Seed to sale a term used to describe the process of tracking all crucial data from the sprout of the plant to the customer's purchase. These systems are used for state regulations, inventory control and the ability to report in real-time. It also provides a great way to pass vital information to the customer. Information like additives, geolocation, and farm will help customers get a leg up in understanding what they are consuming so they can make better decisions.

Seed Integration

It all begins at the seed and our mobile app can help you manage the process much easier. Having the opportunity to use a barcode or rfid scanner changes everything. Manage all your plant data from a tablet or even your phone. Let us track the data while you worry about producing quality yields.

Sale Integration

Regulations and tracking data is now a norm for this industry. Let us help you take data from an existing platforms like Metrc and display it online for your customer or patients. We can even include an online ordering system to streamline the queue process. Some other benefits we provide is an opportunity integrate seed 2 sale systems within an App.